Live Tweeting the Golden Globes

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I found myself watching the Golden Globes for some reason while sitting on the computer and decided to start live tweeting about it while it was on.

For those new to twitter (, the main thing to remember is that it is a real time service that lets you share information in 140 characters or less. So all of the following happened live during the show and was posted to the Republibot twitter account as I typed it.

So, jump on through and hopefully it makes sense and if not, well then we won't do one of these again...


Thoughts on the Premiere Episode of Lost, Season Five

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There are two kinds of lost fanatics: on the one hand, those who delve into its mysteries with Sherlock Holmsian passion in order to unlock the island’s secrets, and on the other hand, me. When I was first asked to write a chapter for an anthology on Lost a few years ago I decided to become the champion of the theory that no one else would champion: that the key to getting Lost is staying lost—that surrender to the joy of mystery is what makes Lost such a joy.


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