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EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Ambush" (Season 10, Episode 7)

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Tonight, we get an adversary that Clark may not be able to defeat: a challenge that many men never overcome. The Potential Father-In-Law. And when that Potential Father-In-Law is General Sam Lane (played by Michael Freakin' Ironside), we might genuinely fear for Clark.

At least more than than we did last week.

Complete recap below- and as usual, spoilers abound!


TV REVIEW: "Smallville": The Episode from March 12, 2009

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This was the best episode I have ever seen of "Smallville"!

OK, I may not be the most qualified person to make that judgement as I think in the first 6 years of the show I saw about four complete episodes. Then, last year, every time I'd try to watch it they were showing the same episode.


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