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EPISODE REVIEW:The Cape: "Kozmo" (Season 1, Episode 3)

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Man, the comics blogosphere really hates this show, doesn't it?  I've read about a dozen reviews of this show, and the most favorable was 'Meh.'   I'm not sure if I'm just too forgiving, or whether it could be that I'm wrong.

Nah.  That couldn't happen.  The comics blogosphere is full of Comic Book Guys who are brutal to anything that doesn't fit into their narrow view of 'good'.

So, does tonight's episode fit under any category of good?  


The Cape (No, not the one with Corbin Bernsen about NASA...)

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Yesterday, I mentioned "No Ordinary Family," one of the new fall shows, which looked - no offence - kinda' lame. Then I found out that there's yet another live action superhero show on in the fall. This one is "The Cape" from NBC, and heaven help me, it actually looks kinda' good!

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