Script Notes on "The Birth Of Jesus," By John Scalzi

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This is either really blasphemous, or really funny, depending on how much eggnog and stress you're going on right now.  John Scalzi has come up with some contemporary Hollywood commentary on the movie version of the Nativity story.

Somebody, somewhere, is gonna get hit by a custom-made lightning bolt...


EPISODE REVIEWS: Kings: "Goliath" (Episode 1)

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You know, every once in a long while I look forward to something a whole lot, and it doesn't disappoint me. It's rare - my standards are high and my patience is low, and let's face it: most of TV is crap - but it does happen. It happened tonight.

"Kings" is good.

Well, at least the pilot is good. We'll see how the series goes, but based on this initial outing I have high hopes.


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