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REMEDIAL SF 101: It Came From Beneath The Sea

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It's a sad commentary that a bad movie review is easy to write, but a good one takes some thought. 

I was all set to tear into "It Came From Beneath the Sea," which was the first film to team stop-motion effects wizard Ray Harryhausen with producer Charles Schneer.  I'd been told that the film was so low budget that to say it was "made on a shoestring" would have been an insult to shoestrings.  So I was sharpening my pencil as the credits churned by.


REMEDIAL SF 101: The Creeping Terror

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Greetings, fellow 'bots.  Republibot 4.0 here.  Since Republibot 3.0 needs to recharge his batteries, I've been activated to serve as your guest commentator.  I'll be bringing you my (mostly) conservative views on Life, the Universe, and Everything until R3 returns or R2 and R1 come after me with a tire iron.


SATURDAY MORNING B-MOVIE CRAPFEST: “Cosmos: War of the Planets” (1977)

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Unless you’re kind of dim, odds are you like a bad movie now and again. You know the kind I mean, a low-budget quickie from the fifties or sixties, with unfortunate special effects, a questionably-coherent screenplay, flat direction, chesty women, and even flatter acting. It’s fun. Everyone likes to zone out a bit now and again with a really good bad movie, and the appeal of such things isn’t lost on me.


THE REPUBLIBOT WEEKEND MOVIE PREVIEW – Movies Opening September 18, 2009

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Before we get started this week, Republibot 3.0 wanted me to be sure to clarify up front that this feature is to preview movies that are opening this weekend and that unless otherwise stated, I have not seen any of them. So, don’t be too confused, I am not actually reviewing the movie, I am just thoughtlessly passing judgment on them without yet having seen them. In the interest of full disclosure I have pulled this list of movies opening this week from IMDb ( In this inaugural installment we will be previewing: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Love Happens, and Jennifer’s Body among several others.

So hurry and make the jump.



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