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MOVIE REVIEW: “Astro Boy” (2009)

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I’ll admit right up front that I’m not really familiar with Astro Boy. I know he’s a hugely popular Japanese character, and has been since the early 1950s, I know that there have been many cartoon and manga (or as they call it in Japan, “Comics”) iterations of him over the last half century, and I know that a lot of people are fanatical about him. I’ve even seen a few minutes of cartoons here and there over the years, and I recognized him on a poster in one of the later episodes of Macross/Robotech (In the newstand the three Zentradi spies are running)



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So, there we were, sitting at the red light, waiting for the green to come, revving our engines when Bob Falfa turned to me from his car and smiled. I tried to smile back, but my compulsive swallowing from barely supressed anxiety made it difficult to pull off with any sense of confidence. I nodded my head at him with what I hoped was nonchalance and said, “ I am not actually reviewing anything here, so unless stated otherwise I have not seen any of the movies in this ‘Preview’. All I am doing here is quite thoughtlessly passing judgment on films that are scheduled to open this week and that I have not researched at all (honestly, not at all). All of the film information, including the plot summary, has been pulled from the Opening This Week page of IMDb ( In this week’s installment of the Thursday Weekend Movie Preview we are taking a look at: Saw IV, The Vampire’s Assistant, and Amelia – among others.”

He grinned back at me, winked and then the light turned green…


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