Review: Arrow "Suicide Squad" S2E16

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Well, I had asked earlier if the John Diggle character would get some time in the limelight again, and it turns out he does. This week’s episode focuses on Diggle being recruited by his ex-wife’s agency “Advanced Research Group United Support” A.R.G.U.S (which came first, SHIELD or ARGUS?) to go after an Afghani WMD dealer that they had captured earlier when they were on active duty, with Ben Browder, “John Crichton” from Farscape and some time on some of the Star Gate series.


DC UPDATE: Arrow Trailer Released

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Warner Bros and the CW have released the first footage of what could end up being one of the best shows of the new fall season, Arrow. If you're unaware, Arrow is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, first made popular on television played by Justin Hartley on Smallville. Make no mistake, Arrow is NOT a Smallville spin-off. They share no continuity, as you will see in the trailer.


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