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Blergh… Kind of a mixed week this week. On one hand, genre-wise, a good 66% of the releases are near our sweet spot, on the other hand, only 3 movies are opening. But, such is life – you take a little of the good with a bit of the bad and get a tuna casserole. (I have no idea what that means, but it made sense when I wrote it 30 seconds ago.)

Anyway, let’s quickly get our disclaimer out of the way and dig in: I’ve very obviously not seen any of these movies, nor have I invested any effort into researching them. I am trusting in the universal power of pop culture osmosis to inform my admittedly clueless opinions. All of the film information presented here, including the plot summary, has been pulled from the Opening This Week page of IMDb ( This week we are previewing Alice In Wonderland, Brooklyn’s Finest, and the Secret of Kells.

So, without further ado, grab hold of my hand, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let’s make the jump…


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