Original Fiction: Strong AI Part II

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Because Kevin insisted that he stood up, but did die, I present part II.  

Part I may be found here...


The auto-hearse pulled up to the circular driveway in front of the empty crematorium chapel.  Database connections were attempted and some were made.  Reverend Pepper’s kindly image flicked onto the Mylar screen in the automatic chapel.  Jaybot and Chrisbot looked virtually on.  It began...


Thunderdome match - Eugene Goostman vs Alan Turing

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I’m surprised that this hasn’t come up yet on the site. Earlier this month, some crafty folks presented a computer program as a human named ‘Eugene Goostman’, for the purpose of toppling the venerable Turing Test.

Did it succeed? Maybe, technically...but not officially...


And now for something straight out of Neuromancer...

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If I told you that there was a company that recently appointed an AI as a board member, would you believe it? Whatever your answer, I'm certain that you will find the situation interesting.


MOVIE REVIEW: “Summer Wars” (2009)

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Man, what a *nice* movie.

I mean, yeah, I’ve seen better films, I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen ones that made more and less sense, I’ve seen sweeter, more cloying films, and far more brutal ones, but the first impression that really jumped out at me about this flick was just how *nice* it was. If Frank Capra made a science fiction film, this would have been it. The central message is that the Lamb is more than a match for the Lion, which is, of course, what Frankie Boy was all about.



The Spielberg, AI and I

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Right or wrong, I haven't paid or gone out of my way to see a Steven Spielberg movie since "Jurassic Park". And that was a rather disappointing experience in itself (and this is without even getting into what he did to the sequel). I bring this up mainly because of "AI". I am a bit conflicted on whether or not I want to go see it.


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