Keith Hamilton Cobb

F.O.R. (Friends of Republibot) Event

Keith Hamilton Cobb- A friend of the site- in fact he contributed several articles, has a one man show this weekend in Yonkers, NY.  If you happen to be near, I'm sure it will be excellent and thought provoking-


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Whispers in the Void" by Keith Hamilton Cobb

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“You are the center of the wheel”, my father would speak into my ear as he rocked me to sleep in his arms on the nights that from among his wives my mother called him to come to her. “All things revolve about you. You are the only god; your strength the greatest strength; your arm the fellest arm.” These words he whispered even as his massive biceps pressed me about the ribs restraining my breath, and my head rested no differently than some fragile paper thing, unarguably crushable in the gulf of his huge hand.


INTERVIEW: Keith Hamilton Cobb

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Keith Hamilton CobbToday we’re speaking with actor Keith Hamilton Cobb, honestly, I think, one of the most compelling actors working on the small screen in the past decade or two. Mr. Cobb is probably best known as “Noah Keefer” from “All My Children” back in the nineties, but among geeks like us, he’s immediately identified as “Tyr Anasazi” from “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.” He’s won a number of awards, and was nominated for a daytime Emmy. In addition to all that, he’s just arrestingly cool.

Mister Cobb, thank you very much for talking with us today


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