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Living in interesting times...

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For the last several weeks life has been interesting…and I mean that purely in the sense of the famed (albeit unattributed) Chinese Curse – ‘May you live in interesting times’.

Work assignments have me working PHYSICALLY on both coasts each week while managing full daily schedule and responsibilities in several geographies. It is now physically impossible to participate in all of the live discussions that span my areas of accountability. To do so would now mean following the sun and foregoing any idea of leaving the desk.


BEELINE TO THE FUTURE: Google's eBookstore and the Universal Library

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Humans have sought a universal library for centuries. Before it burned down, the library of Alexandria was the first and probably best attempt at housing the world’s books in one place. Scholars have estimated that the library contained between 30 to 70% of the scrolls at the time, a percentage that no library since then has come close to replicating.


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