EPISODE REVIEW: Outcasts: “Episode 2” (Episode 2)

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Whups! Totally forgot about this show, and missed reviewing it “Live” last night. Sorry. My bad. Watched it on a friends’ DVR today, however, so I’m loaded for bear and ready to go.

You know what would be nice? Notice how this episode was entitled “Episode 2” and it is, in fact, the second episode? They did this with “Survivors” as well. Dull. Wouldn’t it be nice if “Episode 2” was in fact the third episode, or “Episode 5” was actually the eighth? Yeah, I know that’s stupid, but I got to thinking about that while I wasn’t being engaged by the story.


EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Impossible Astronaut" (Episode 214a)

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Season/Series 6 (or 32, depending how you count) kicks off tonight with a really expensive looking episode. Someone went and gave the Doctor Who staff some money, but does it pay off?

Extensive spoilers for the episode are below the jump. There are some shockers. Trust me, because I'm the only one you can trust.....


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