ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Undead at Work"

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It’s always about space with me, ultimately.

I was in space. Well, I wasn’t really in space, I was very much on earth. My brain was in a jar in some hospital somewhere, and my body was six feed under in some cemetery somewhere. But my senses were all plugged into a geostationary satellite twenty-two thousand miles above the Atlantic Ocean.

“Wow,” Saint Peter said.

“Wow, indeed,” I said, “I’ve been here eleventh jillion times, it always takes my virtual breath away.”

“I always wanted to be an astronaut,” he said, “Back when there were astronauts.”


ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Trucker" by William Allen Avitt

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They say your sins will find you out, and that they will. I know this from experience. No matter how smart or how clever you think you are, you can't outrun yourself. Can't outrun the judgement. I thought I could, but like so many who try, it all came out in the end.


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