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Movie Review: An Adventure in Time and Space (2013)

As part of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, The BBC commissioned a biopic of sorts of William Hartnell the first Doctor. Written by Mark Gatiss, this made-for-TV movie purports to tell the first days of the seminal BBC children's show. (well, it started out as a children show.)


Thank a Veteran

On this day, please take some time and thank someone (or several someones) who served. I treasure most of the memories of my time in the service- and I'm very proud of my son and my nephew who are carrying on the family tradition (with more sons to join them within the next year or so).

Thank you Veterans. We couldn't do this... any of this... without you.


Fan Film Friday: Superman's 75th

This is not a fan film in the sense that we normally think of as fan films.
This is an officially made, officially sanctioned, you can't get much more official than this animated short.

That said- this is animation that is made by fans for fans... there are a metric tonne of easter eggs in it, and the love for the character is evident...
So from Zak Snyder and Bruce Timm--- we have "Superman 75th Anniversary"


Now that the dust has settled, Doctor Who news

There was quite a bit of excitement... and wild speculation... last week regarding previously lost Doctor Who episodes being found in, of all places, Africa. (Not that there aren't African Whovians-- it just seems like an odd place for 45 year old Doctor Who episodes to surface)

Now we know what was found.



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