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R2’s Day: On Reviews

From nearly day one here on the ‘bot, we’ve reviewed stuff.  I mean stuff.  Lots of stuff- T.V. Shows, Movies, Video Games,  Board Games, Fan Films, Books, Toys…  we’ve watched/played/read things so that you, our loyal readers,  could make informed decisions or, in some cases,  incite discussion.


It’s not easy.



R2's Day: Tech Issues

Yes, even I have tech issues- well, in this case more wetware issues.   I was working on something and now I can't find it.
I will have a real post up a bit later.  In the meantime.... talk amongst yourselves.  Here's a topic-

Could you do a good S-F series based on coffee?
What's the premise?  Characters?  Arc based or stand alone?

What would a S-F series on Coffee look like?





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