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R2's Day: Real Science Timewaster!

I have been working pretty hard behind the scenes here to add some long overdue functionality to the site (and it will also change the way the site looks... hopefully for the better.   

In the meantime, here is a phenominal time waster.  It's a side scrolling scale map of the solar system where the Moon is one pixel.  It's seriously cool,  but it will require at least fifteen minutes of your precious, precious time....



If you can see this....

Congratulations- you are now on the new, fully operational version of this battlestatio... I mean website.

I'm still fiddling with backend stuff (admins, your email will be down for a little while longer...), but I think you'll be impressed with the improved speed and reliability of the site.  More cool stuff coming soon


F.O.R. (Friends of Republibot) Event

Keith Hamilton Cobb- A friend of the site- in fact he contributed several articles, has a one man show this weekend in Yonkers, NY.  If you happen to be near, I'm sure it will be excellent and thought provoking-



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