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R2's Day- Of Golden Antennas and Vacuum Tubes

Kevin has been tearing up Facebook, arguing against the meme that you could put photovoltaic cells in an array in the Sahara and solve the world's energy woes.  It's patently false, by the way, just from a technological standpoint.



R2's Day: After the crash

Recently (very recently), my workhorse MacBook would not boot.

After I whipped out my handy-dandy diagnostics disk, I made a disheartening discovery- the boot sector was hosed.

(That's a technical term...)[And Kevin's eyes have just glazed over]

So, for about a week, while I gathered the necessary tools and parts, I actually administered the site using my phone.


R2's Day- Ruminations on Ruminating

We humans are a rather simple lot.  We don’t require much to be happy- in most cases being warm, dry, having regular access to sex ,a full belly --- the basic ‘creature comforts’ will keep us sated (in most cases).   In this, we’re not that far removed from cousin Ugg, the subterranean dweller.  (“Caveman” is no longer politically correct)




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