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OBITUARY: Anne McCaffrey (1926-2011)

Anne McCaffrey, author of nearly 100 books of science fiction and fantasy passed away Monday at the age of 85. She was primarily famous for her 'Dragonriders of Pern' series, but she wrote numerous other works, including the notable ' The Ship Who Sang' and it's sequels.
By all accounts she was generous with her time and collaborated frequently. She was active in the SFWA and a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


NEWSFLASH- Booster Gold, the series?

Booster Gold may get a series nod on SyFy according to this story on the Hollywood Reporter. It will be a one hour drama produced by Greg Berlianti (No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern).

Booster Gold (as any faithful 'bot knows...) is a washed up football player from the future who steals some gear to come back in time and become a superhero... and make a few bucks while doing so.

We last saw Booster on Smallville. So, what do you guys think? Will this be worth our valuable time, or will it be yet another slam on capitalism?


Farewell to Batman: The Brave and The Bold

The Cartoon Network's Batman:The Brave and the Bold has been cancelled. In what I would call an extremetly 'meta' episode, we learn that Bat-Mite is actually responsible for the cancellation... unless Ambush Bug can stop him.

Posted below is the complete episode for your... enjoyment? ... derision? ... satisfaction?


EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Wedding of River Song" (Series 6 Finale)

Last night, we had a moment that would never end, a love that would destroy space-time and a question that must never be asked.

But was it any good?
Spoilers, sweetie...
(okay, that just sounds gay when I say it...)



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