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BREAKING NEWS: Straczynski launching Studio JMS

Yay, Comic-Con! If there's any event that creates more non-news in the entertainment world, it's Comic-con. It's gotten so big that they're going to have to have another convention just for comics!

(crickets chirping)

Ever ahead of his time, J. Michael Straczynski (Joe to his friends... and he's let us call him Joe once or twice...) broke the news before the convention officially starts that he's starting his own studio- Studio JMS.


[UPDATED] BREAKING NEWS: SPACE:1999 REBOOT? is reporting that ITV America and HDFilms are teaming to 'reimagine' the 70's Gerry Anderson series about the Earth's moon gone a wanderin'.

Okay. Space:2099 is going to have a real steep grade to climb to make the rather goofy (at best) central conceit of the show work. On the other hand, Space:2099 benefits from the rather low bar set by the original in terms of story, science, drama and general watchability.



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