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(Not)Fan Film Friday- Ballad of Serenity

This is not a fan film.  Except it is.   There are three fans of Joss Whedon's (more so now, after he contributed substantially to their Kickstarter  ) performing the theme to Whedon's Firefly.   So it is a fannish effort, even though they are all cast members of The Flash.

It's good.  It really is.   Apparently the Flash set is one of the happiest places to work on TV these days (and why wouldn't it be?  They have a great cast doing great things on a weekly basis.)  



Breaking News- Harlan Ellison recovering from a stroke-

I wish I had time to go in depth on this, but this link from Robot 6 explains the situation


Harlan is a friend of this site and has always been very generous with us--

We are praying for his speedy recovery


R2's Day:The Myth of "Settled Science", Part One: The Black Hole

I have a problem with the concept that science is ever settled.  If we aren't constantly questioning what has gone before, we aren't doing science, we're doing dogma.  And when the scientific establishment gets dogmatic and ossified, it tends to really, really annoy people.

Like 'Global Warming'.  We'll talk a bit about it next week, but suffice it to say that scientists are not making their job any easier by declaring something as 'settled science' when there are other (rather obvious) issues with their theories.

This week: Black Holes.



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