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EPISODE REVIEW: V: "Uneasy Lies the Head" (Season 2, Episode 8)

Beijing--a male peace ambassador begins to dissolve and a woman screams.

On Anna's ship a live-aboard is screaming in the needle machine as DNA is extracted (why do they treat DNA like it's a finite resource? I mean, have the V's really attained that level of technology without figuring out how to sequence and replicate DNA?) Anna thinks the 5th column leadership has been destroyed.


CATCHING UP WITH V: "Concordia," "Siege," and "Birth Pangs" (Episodes 5-7)

Hey, everyone!

We've obviously had a rocky road covering "V" thus far this year, for which I profusely apologize. Fortunately, Kristine N. has graciously stepped forward to review the series from here on out.

Coverage starts today with a recap of the three episodes we missed here on the site.

I hope everyone will join me in thanking Kristine for all her work in doing this!

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