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Re-Imagination Fever: The Tomorrow People

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When I was 15 or so, there was a British TV show appearing on Nickelodeon called "The Tomorrow People."
Not a great show, but I was starved for Science Fiction at the time.

The basic premise is that a group of young teenagers are the first group of people who have evolved into the next stage of human evolution: Homo Superior. "But, we don't like to call ourselves that so we call ourselves 'The Tomorrow People."

They had telepathy, and could teleport and, occasionally, with great effort could use telekenisis.


Chinese Rover on the Moon.

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China has a Sputnik Moment.
Americans hit the snooze button.

At 4:35 am, China's Jade Rabbit rover (Yutu) drove onto the moon's surface on Sunday after the first lunar soft landing in nearly four decades, a huge advance in the China's ambitious space program. The mission is to look for natural resources.

The moon has vast veins of titanium, aluminum, magnesium silicon, basically everything you need to build spacecraft. With no atmosphere and lower, but usable gravity, it represents a natural harbor for launching into deep space.



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