TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Deadman

Okay, there were some Easter Eggs in this one, and Republibot 36-24-36 caught most of 'em.

First, a review.

It was good, well paced fun. Covered some nifty origin stuff and was creepy without scaring Republibot 2.4.... Since he's seven, he's a pretty good creepy barometer.

Hm. I don't mean that he measures zombie atmospheric pressure.

Or maybe I do.

Short- Gentleman Ghost buries Batman alive, and so he enlists Green Arrow and Speedy and recruits Boston "Deadman" Brand in his disembodied battle.


Gentlemen, place your bets: How will Galactica end?

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I’ll be back later tonight to give a spoiler-filled review of the new Galactica episode, now that the Sci Fi Channel has finally deigned to run the last batch. To fill your time before it comes on, however, we here at Republibot think it's an appropriate time for us to place our bets on how it'll end, and what the series is all about.

First question: will the finale and the ultimate fate of the protagonists be happy or sad?



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The Superhero deconstruction epic "Watchmen" will be released on time after all.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox and Warner Brothers have reached a settlement for... guess what?... A large hunk o' cash and a piece of the box office.

We'll talk a bit more about Watchmen later, and we'll report more when there's more to report.


The Republibots have called in sick, so... tonight: Smallville!

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Well, Republibots 1.0, 3.0 and 36-24-36 are all down with the crud today, so that means I get to talk about what I want to talk about.... and I've chosen Smallville!

I like superheroes, even though technically not Science Fiction (I don't care if they put scientific trappings around a superhero, it's still fantasy...), they do have redeeming qualities. The stories, at their best, reflect nobility, responsibility and virtue. At their worst, they are.... well, dreadful, honestly.

Smallville is frequently both.



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