Comics That No One Gives A Crap About #3: "Amerikan Flagg!

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I can hear you now, “Hey, what do you mean saying no one gives a crap about American Flagg? How dare you! Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg was one of the best comics of the 80s, and a beloved staple of the emerging indie comics industry and the counterculture itself!” Well, yes, that’s all true and well and good, but check out the spelling, sparky: Normally there ain’t no “K” in “American,” is there? And while American Flagg itself was at least occasionally all those things you mentioned up there, my dear hypothetical reader, it’s sequel was…well…something else.


OPINION:Batman dies; Obama shakes Spider-Man's hand...

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Last week in the comics, Batman was murdered by evil itself and Spider-Man got to meet Barack Obama. So, three guesses as to what gets all the attention: Batman’s smoking corpse (yeah, they have a body. Yes, it’s really Bruce Wayne. Yes, he is quite dead by comic book standards) or Peter Parker’s brush with His Majesty, the most beneficent King Barack the First?

If you have to ask, you haven’t been hanging out here long enough.



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