Well, it's official: I'm being evicted.

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Ok, well, it's official: we're getting evicted from our home of sixteen years. if you've been holding off buying a copy of one of my books, now would be a good time. The current one is here:

but I also used to write under the name "Kevin Long." My stuff is on smashwords here

or if you prefer amazon:


Real Science: Giving "Wood Chips" A New Meaning

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Scientists are working on developing a wood-based product to serve as a substrate for computer chips.  It's renewable, stable, and biodegradable.

I'm really waiting for them to make 'em out of corn...


Real Science: Droning On And On

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It seems like everybody loves drones.  Looooves 'em.  Well, except maybe some guys in Afghanistan or something.  But drones are becoming the new hot toy--my mother-in-law even offered to buy us a drone!--and people are using them for aerial photography, checking on livestock, harassing the neighbors, and companies are trying to figure out how to use them to make deliveries (just one more job category that would be eliminated--delivery driver!)



I took my youngest to this movie, and he liked it. I wanted to as well because there are some lovely visuals and reams of streaming nostalgia that float around a story desperately wanting to say something important about hope. It just doesn't. The message is sabotaged by a rattling old box car of a plot running on fumes.



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