FAN WANKERY: A Galactica 1980 Reboot

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Ok, so here's a fun one that no one ever talks about:

Galactica 1980 sucked worse than anything that had ever sucked before. No question about it. So let's imagine we're going to reboot it in a way that *doesn't* suck.  How would you go about it?

Here's the original Glen Larson concept  for G-80which, needless to say, didn't make it onscreen:

The Galactica finds earth. It's 5 years after the final episode of the original show. They quickly realize that earth is too primitive to defend itself against the Cylons, so the Council of the 12 debate what to do.


SONG OF THE WEEK: "Spot" by Mahatma Randy and the Randy Mahatmas (2009)

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Nuclear war is a thing of the past, but it was always in the future if Science Fiction was to be believed. Now that there's a new Mad Max film out there, I thought I'd post this. It's a little too '70s for the '00s, but whatever. 



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