All this "Rebel Flag" flap has put my literary future in an uncomfortable spot

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All this Rebel Flag stuff has put me in a rather awkward position as an author.

See, over the last nine years or so I've written a spate of stories that take place in a fictional timeline where space was colonized by semi-educated poor low-class rural types, mostly from the US. Rednecks, essentially. Of course about a third of the colonists are Russian and Chinese peasant-farmer types, too, and there's ones from other countries in even smaller numbers, but the bulk of the colonists were basically American hillbillies.


Falling Skies: "Find Your Warrior" (Season 5, Episode 1)

There's being low on gas. There's running on fumes, and there's also being out of gas. Then there's trying to remember what gas is as you stare at a junked out hunk of metal that might once have been a car. Welcome to "Falling Skies: The Final Battle."

That grandiose title for the final season becomes laughable by the time this episode is over. The budget is down, and the scale of this show has never felt smaller. But look at it this way--there's nowhere to go but up.




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