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ORIGINAL FICTION: "Star Sheep Enterprise (Part 1)" by Kathryn Garrison Kellogg         

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Today we present our first-ever entrant in our first-ever Amateur Original Science Fiction Writers Competition. (And yes, despite the title, this *IS* original fiction, it's not fanfic).

A quick recap of the rules: Any amateur can enter a short story for consideration in the contest, 10,000 words or less. R2 and myself are not allowed to compete. Accepted entries will be posted on the site for all to read, and at the end of the contest the readers themselves will vote on who wins. Easy! Copyrights and all that good stuff remain yours, you give up nothing by submitting a story for consideration, and we're not making any money off of it. We're just providing a showcase for new talent.

And, hey, we've got quite the new talent here: I can honestly say this is an unusual story with a hook that I never, in a million jillion billion years would have thought of. Click on through to give it a shot!



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