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Men Are From Mars, and Women Don't Get SFX

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Recently, I was sharing some thoughts on science fiction with Republibot 3 and the conversation started to sound like something that viewers of this site might find interesting, or at best, amusing. I ran the idea of stringing the comments into an article, and he said it was OK by him, so what follows might be titled "Men are from Mars, And Women Just Can't Understand SF."


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Pecan Pie" by Kathryn Garrison Kellogg

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Today we've got our second entry in our First-Ever Amateur Fiction Contest.

Got a story you'd like to submit? Even if you don't win, it's cool: thousands of people get to see your work, and our readers vote for the winner. Best of all: you retain all the rights to your own story, we're just giving exposure through the goodness of our collective arteriosclerotic hearts.

Contact me for details:

In the meantime, click through to read this week's story. It's a lulu


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Star Sheep Enterprise (Conclusion)" by Kathryn Garrison Kellogg

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Our first entry in our first-ever Amateur Science Fiction Competition concludes today. We have room for many more.

The rules are simple: submit an original story (No fanfic) and if it meets our lenient and frankly unprofessional editorial standards, we'll run it on the site, giving you, dear author, full credit. Your work will be seen by thousands of people.

At the end of the contest, the readers will vote for whomever they like best. It's just that easy!

You'll retain your own copyright, and we're not making any money off of anything, we're just attempting to provide a venue for new artists to find an audience, 'cuz we're cool like that. We don't make a dime off of it.

Got a story you'd like to submit, or some questions about the competition as a whole? Contact me at



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