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ORIGINAL FICTION: Second Time Around, Pt. 1

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This is an excerpt from a series of stories I've written based on the Russian fairy-tale character of Koschey the Deathless.

In the series, "The Prisoner Of Time," Kazhi is a Persian con artist and hack wizard who was made immortal by being doused in the blood of the dragon Tiamat when he helped King Marduk of Babylon find and slay her. Three thousand years later, Kazhi invents a time machine, which gets him hauled in for breaking the laws of the Nine Gods of the Elements. Condemned to destruction, Kazhi escapes and becomes trapped in Arthurian-era France, having to go through history all over again--alongside his earlier self.


Thoughts On Self-Publishing

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The Web is a strange place.

Years ago, if you were a writer, you jealously guarded your original ideas, looking for an agent, an editor, and a publisher to accept your work and put it out there, and hopefully you would gain fame and fortune for your efforts. You dreamed of the world knowing your name.

With the Internet, thousands of merdiocre hacks churn out millions of pages of piffle for free, hiding behind pseudonyms, and completely ruining the trade for the few good writers out there.


Harrison Ford In Public Spat With Chewbacca

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I'm not sure how "real" this is. All I know is it's pretty strange!

Harrison Ford, being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his new film "42," declines to answer any questions related to the upcoming "Star Wars" film, or his part in it.

Then things get really weird...

I...think he's kidding...he's kidding, right?



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