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ORIGINAL FICTION: "10.7cm (Conclusion)" by Cameron McCoy

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Brian turned to general comm. “All hands, we have proton storm hitting NOW. Adam, talk to me.” He glanced at the map, and knew that the construction crew was as good as dead. “Tell me you can work a miracle.”

There was a moment’s silence, and then the foreman’s voice came on. “Captain, I have an idea that might save us out here, but we can’t talk, too busy.”


ORIGINAL FICTION: "10.7cm (Part 2) by Cameron McCoy

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Brian went off to tour the rest of the ship. The hydroponics bay, which was both a source of extra food and the control center for plumbing, took him about a half hour to glance over. Michael Dougal, the Life Support officer, knew his job, nothing was going wrong there. He found about half the crew, ship’s and construction, in the rec room, attention about equally divided between the game system, some network feed from Earth, and an interesting ping-pong game. His second in command, Shawn Henderson, seemed to be using the personal comm for an interview as well. Brian decided to listen for a while.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "10.7cm (Part 1) by Cameron McCoy

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“This is Apollo Base, reporting touchdown.”

“Roger Apollo Base, any special message to relay?”

“Yes, tell Fischer we’ll make sure his suite has the latest in Radiation shielding.”

“Roger that, Apollo Base, good luck.”

Clicking the comm override, Brian Tern turned to his crew. “Okay men, we’re doing this one by the book.” Eyes rolled among the crew.

“Captain, what if we find something that’s not in the book?” That was Adam Christopher, the construction foreman.


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