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EPISODE REVIEW: Falling Skies: "Live and Learn" (Episode 1)

Okay, let’s get the elephant in this room out of the way up front. Steven Spielberg is involved here (executive producer), so it’s not going to suck eggs. It’s going to meet minimum professional standards for television and not embarrass itself trying to go the bathroom. So there’s that.


EPISODE REVIEW: Caprica: An Overview of the Final Five Episodes

As most of you know, a combination of broken DVR, house full of sick kids, and by basic inattention to previews all conspired to keep me from watching the "Caprica Burn Off Marathon" the other night. (Or, indeed, even having been aware of it until R2 called me up twenty minutes before it hit the air)

I will get around to reviewing them as soon as the CDC lifts the quarantine on my house, and they let us all out of our respective plastic bubbles, but this is just too big of a deal to let slide for a week ago. I asked our readers for help.

Flabbergasted stepped in, striding the earth like a titan. Not only did he pinch hit for me when I fumbled the ball (Mixaphorically speaking), but he didn't just crank out crap: His review/reviews are really, really good.

Check 'em out under the jump.


BOOK REVIEW: "Sometimes a Stupid Notion" (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part 2 of Flabbergasted's epic review of "Sometimes a Stupid Notion," the redemptive Battlestar Galactica novel.

Now, in general we don't touch Fanfic, and hyper-ambitious fanfic *novels* are right out for any number of reasons. Why are we covering this one? Because the ending of the RDM version of Galactica was so amazingly punch-you-in-the-face awful that it destroyed the entire series in retrospect, not just for me, but for at least a third of the people I've talked to about it.

An ending *THAT* bad - arguably "the worst ending in the history of television" as several people have convincingly argued - cries out for something or someone to try and fix it, to try and turn it into something that isn't just a slap in the face of the people who loved the show.

Something more than a betrayal. Since those who made the show honestly believe they made a good ending, they clearly aren't the ones to do it. Therefore, that leaves the fans...so in this one case we make an exception and review a fanfic novel.

Because it's good!



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