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The Walking Dead: "Claimed" (Season 4, Episode11)

Another solid episode. As I noted last week, this show is at its best when its focus narrows to a few people trying to survive. The whole Walking Dead concept is geared for that. It’s what zombie stories are. So while the show’s creative staff don’t seem too have found consistent footing with extended story arcs, they’ve got the basics down cold. 



Helix: Bloodline (Season 1, Episode 8)

This week’s line: “I promise to answer all of your questions, but now is far from the time.” That one pretty much sums up this show.


And they’re lying. They don’t know how to answer any of this.


Speaking of which, that was a pointless couple of episodes, wasn’t it? We’re right back where we started, as if Constance had never been. Hope Jeri Ryan enjoyed the paycheck.



The Walking Dead: "Inmates" (Season 4, Episode 10)

Remember, “Hitchhikers May be Escaping Inmates.” That’s what the sign says.


We pick up with the rest of the cast tonight in four short stories united by everyone passing that sign. Each short story has its strengths and weaknesses, but the episode overall is good. This show doesn’t tend to make pratfalls when it forsakes extended arcs for some good old-fashioned running from Walkers.


“The Princess Diaries” -- Darryl and Beth run from Walkers.


Helix: "Survivor Zero" (Season 1, Epsiode 7)

This week’s post-coital line: “What we did was biology. I’m okay.” Quite the Valentine’s Day spirit, huh?.


In honor of Helix’s blatant attempt to boost ratings with Jeri Ryan, I’m trying to be nice this week. Let’s see, a fair amount of stuff happens. Nice song at the end. The silver eyes look kind of cool. There was a CGI Aurora Borealis that was okay. There were also hints that we might be circling an actual plot you can try and track as well. So let’s see how I hold up.   



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