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Falling Skies: "Saturday Night Massacre" (Season 4, Episode 7)


Well, that was… an oddly sedate sort of massacre. It was basically a lot of unintentional violence, most of which happened off screen. It might have been a reasonably realistic depiction of how chaotic things happen, but it didn’t make for the most scintillating hour of television. Compared to the escape from the ghetto a few episodes back it felt small.

First things first. I admit the preview from the last episode had me expecting a battle royale, so perhaps my expectations were unfair. Nonetheless, I do believe the sequence of events felt rushed.


Falling Skies: "Door Number Three" (Season 4, Episode 6)


It's the Lexi show tonight. In a passive aggressive sort of way. Lexi actually spends most of the episode in a cocoon while everyone else reacts to that fact around her. Which is a roundabout way of saying not much happens after she goes into the cocoon.   

Not to mention that it's kind of rude to refer to her as Door Number Three. I mean, geez, she's standing right there in that cocoon. Little pitchers, big ears, right?


Falling Skies: "Mind Wars" (Season 4, Episode 5)


Marking Time.

That's the plan this week. They've got twelve episodes to film and less than twelve episodes of story to fill them with, so we get an occasional episode like this. Tom is kidnapped by two characters who will most certainly be dead by the end of the episode, and not all that much happens in Chinatown, either.    




Think the Polar Express from Hell.

What is it? It’s a South Korean, science fiction action film that stars Captain America, takes place entirely on a train, and has become the “little film that could” of the moment. Deservedly so. It has something on its mind, and profound or not, it offers a degree of layered oddities so beautifully filmed it reminds one why movies are such a cherished medium.


Falling Skies: "Evolve or Die" (Season 4, Episode 4)

This one wasn’t up to last week’s standard, and it saw the return of a bad old habit, but it was still better than the first episode of this season. It even had a relatively neat final sequence. Even if that sequence does come about a year too late.

The bad old habit? That would be having pivotal, interesting stuff occur off screen and then telling us about it. We got a big old dump of that this time around.     



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