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ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" by Chip Haynes

It was a beautiful night, the moon shining bright, and before I plagiarize a perfectly good Eagles’ song, let me tell you: All Ray Meadows did- the one innocent act that started it all- was this: He looked out the window. His wife was fast asleep. She didn’t see a thing. Ray saw it all. Well, he saw the one thing he wasn’t supposed to see. He saw exactly what it is that goes bump in the night.

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ORIGINAL FICTION: "Sixty Days Next Year" by Chip Haynes (Part 2)

NOTE: This is part two of the story. Part One is here:
July 15
I keep looking at my poor old car and wondering what to do about it. I'm still making car payments and insurance payments on a lump of dead metal. Not one person has called about it. No surprise there, I guess. I keep watching the TV news, and it just keeps getting worse. Domestic manufacturing--what there was of it--is slowly shutting down for lack of fuel. The people being laid off are losing their cars and homes since they can't keep making the payments. There's rumor of work out in the country, but who wants to be farm labor? What's cotton picking pay, anyway?


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Sixty Days Next Year" by Chip Haynes (Part 1)

This week, we're starting a new two-part story, by our friend and occasional commentator, Chip Haynes. Chip is a published author who's third book is coming out shortly (Details here ) has the largest collection of bicycles I've ever seen in my life, has an obvious penchant for catchy titles, and...I guess the best way to put it would be to call him "A prophet of low-key doom." Yes, the bad days are coming. They're not all that cinematic and awe-inspiring, you're not dealing with extinction level events, or nuclear wars, but it's doom just the same.



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