Divine Clockworks

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The Husband and I were watching TV this afternoon, and came across this commercial for the Omega Co-axial Chronometer, which seems to be playing on the "divine watchmaker" motif.  Whatever, it's a pretty cool-looking commercial.

And no, I'm not really obsessed with clockworks...what ever makes you think that?


EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” (Episode 5)

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Hey, everyone. Sorry this is late, but I literally forgot what day of the week it was. Had 4 doctor’s appointments this week alone, so my concentration is off. Anyway, rather than my normal gonzo meanderings let’s just jump into it:




Brother Marines, you have been selected for a mission....

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I recently went on a game buying spree. I picked up a number of new ones...from Eldritch Horror and Darkest Night to Elder Signs and Space Hulk: Death Angel. While each of these has multiplayer capability, they also have single player modes as well. Which struck me as interesting. So...without further ado...a game review of the first one to hit the table...

Space Hulk: Death Angel


Time Story Story Time: The What If Scenario

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While I am waiting to see what happens in the next issue of "The Star Wars," I got to thinking about how the world would be different if Lucasfilm had gone with the story as it appears in the original draft.  Personally, this story is so boring that I can't imagine that it would have made so much as a ripple in the pop culture, never mind the tsunami that "Star Wars" created.  The film would not have lasted the summer, and George Lucas would be known as "the director of 'American Graffiti.'"



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