Everything Is Awesome: 50 States of LEGO

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Okay, so The Lego Movie was one of the best movies of the year, and the little bricks that could have been used for amateur films both real and CGI.  But here's a fun twist on the LEGO craze: Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has done a photo-essay using the ubiquitous interlocking bricks to humorously depict the fifty US States in stereotypical tableaux.



Falling Skies: "Door Number Three" (Season 4, Episode 6)


It's the Lexi show tonight. In a passive aggressive sort of way. Lexi actually spends most of the episode in a cocoon while everyone else reacts to that fact around her. Which is a roundabout way of saying not much happens after she goes into the cocoon.   

Not to mention that it's kind of rude to refer to her as Door Number Three. I mean, geez, she's standing right there in that cocoon. Little pitchers, big ears, right?


BOOK REVIEW: "The Black Cloud" by Fred Hoyle (1957)

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"The Black Cloud" is a science fiction novel written in 1957 by Fred Hoyle, probably the greatest astronomer of his generation. his qualifications place this book in the not-at-all-tiny-but-certainly-not-very-big category of Science Fiction written by actual scientists. It goes without saying that this is "Hard Science," rather than the generally more common "Soft Science" side of the genre. There are actual scenes in the book of people doing math, and even an appendix by the author in the back where he explains his formulae so you can check his work.



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