Real Science: Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence of Nitrogen on Mars

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Good news on the Martian front; after making a side trip to study some interesting rocks, the Curiosity Rover has found traces of nitrogenic compounds.  On Earth, nitrogen is usually of organic origins, but on Mars it was probably created by lightning strikes.  Either way, it indicates an increased possibility that Mars may have harbored life at one time, as nitrogen supplies the nutrients for life.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "An Unguarded Moment"

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I've written and/or co-written seven stories thus far this year, and I think this is the best one. A half dozen other people have told me the same thing.

Anything more I say about it would spoil it, so please do check it out here. That's me doing a rather faltering dramatic reading. (Mental note: don't attempt such things when you're gassy. You have to keep stopping the camera, and even when you're not belching you tend to randomly break words in half or use odd diction)  


The Walking Dead: "Try" (Season 5, Episode 15)

The Dead was mediocre tonight. Simply put, this episode was too obviously just arranging pieces for next week's finale, yielding too many storylines that felt brief and forced. No one will care, however, if next week is good. Bridging episodes are, after all, kind of written to be forgotten.


12 Monkeys: "Divine Move" (Season 1, Episode 10)

"What we do here still happened in God's eyes." That's a great line, certainly a disconcerting one to time travelers trying to erase the present by any means. Or not. This week's big development is an antagonist committed to keeping the plague timeline in place. His genesis is a bit forced, but I'll spot that since this show continues to be interesting.   



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