Are you a compulsive trekerbater? Use these warning signs to find out!

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"compulsive trekerbaiter" - a person who MUST work star trek into every conversation, no matter how unrelated, ill-timed or inappropriate. Examples:

"I disagree that The Prisoner was a great science fiction show because #6 didn't just beam out of The Village."

"All these race riots in the US wouldn't happen if we lived in The Federation, where earth is a Maoist utopia!"

"Starfleet could take out the star wars imperial navy in a fight."

"I'm real sorry your grandpa died. You know, in star threk they'd shoot him out a torpedo tube."


TV Reviews: The New Yoda Chronicles

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When I was a kid, my brother and I played with our Star Wars action figures, making up weird, wild, and funny stories.  In high school, I drew a comic strip based on those "adventures," where Leia's band of Rebels were well-meaning but hapless goofs you wouldn't trust with a loaded blaster,and had been exiled to Yavin under her command in order to appease her wealthy patron father, the King of Alderaan.  Well, Disney must have gotten my notes, because "The New Yoda Chronicles" have all the silly sight gags and in-jokes I would have loved to have come up with myself.


The Walking Dead: "Crossed" (Season 5, Episode 7)


Walkers melted to the street.

You read that right. Meet Exhibit A as to why, no matter how hardened you are to this show, they keep topping themselves. What they do with that is a new low, or high I suppose, depending on whether you think your vomit bag is half full or half empty.  



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